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Annagrace Braids & Beauty Shop is an establishment dealing with Braids & Hair Styles and hair products.

What we offer at Annagrace Braids

Hair Styles & Hair Care Specialists

Unique Hair Braids

At Anngrace Braids, we offer different unique and Superb Hair Braids for every head shape.


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Various Braids & Hair Styles

At Annagrace Braids, you can be sure of various Braids with each uniquely braided to fit your hair and gives it a style that compliments your head shape as well.

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Master Braids for your Hair with unique Styles

At Annagrace Braids, we trust the process and your will be glad you find us for your regular hair braid styles which will bring out the overall beauty in you.

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The hair care industry growing by a compound growth rate of 14%


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Annagrace Braids Specialists Team

Victoria Lewis

Hair Care Therapist

Edith Underwood

Hair Care Therapist

Genevieve Davidson